Have a Bathroom Leakage Seepage issue You Need Repaired?

Serving Lahore and surrounding areas. We will fix all types of concealed bathroom leakage issues you have. Call Today! 03004713597


    Do you have a bathroom leakage repair problem? Do you have an emergency leak that needs immediate attention?

    If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Max Chemicals is a building water damage restoration company that provides bathroom leakage repair services in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

    We also provide solutions for roof waterproofing and Roof Heat Proofing Services, water tank leakage repair, basement leakage repair, and termite control service.  Our technicians are experts and with expertise in bathroom leakage repair. We provide a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee on all our bathroom leakage repair services, which means we will go above and beyond to fix your problem.

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    Serving Lahore and surrounding areas. We will fix all types of concealed bathroom leakage issues you have. Call Today! 03004713597

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    bathroom leakage repair
    Bathroom Leakage Repair with cementitious Chemical

    Bathroom Leakage Repair

    Bathrooms are designed and constructed to store, clean and dispose off human wastes. They are part of the plumbing system and are an integral part of any residential or commercial premises.

    When bathrooms develop issues regarding water leakage we at Max Chemicals get the task of rectifying it into a smooth job, restoring your bathroom to its pre-leakage state to maintain its aesthetics.

    Max bathroom leakage repair services save you money and time as well as prevent damage.

    Bathroom Leakage Repair Services in Lahore

    We Provide Bathroom leakage repair Service in Lahore without removing any tiles. The problem of bathroom water leakage is very common, and it’s a headache for every household. It is also fragile the building structure and furniture are. There could be no reason for washroom leakages, such as clogs, high water pressure, faulty or poor manufacturing material, leaking pipes, water, and heater.

    Bathroom Leakage Repair Services

    Although fixing it many times on your own it pops up intermittently. This minor problem could lead to major complications in the long run if not properly addressed on time.

    Our company Max Chemicals has enormous experience and excelled in bathroom leakage repair treatment.

    It’s a common problem that bathroom leakage repair services are expensive and come with unprofessional service.

    Here at Max Chemical Services, we offer a professional and affordable solution to all of your bathroom leakage repair needs. We will provide a quick response to your call. We will inspect to determine the extent of the damage. From there, we will determine the best course of action for repair.

    Leakage can lead to some serious problems like a moldy-smelling bathroom, problems with pipes and sewage, and not being able to use the bathroom for a long time.

    Fixing the leakages is important. But everyone is not capable of fixing these problems. If you want guaranteed results. Call the professionals at Bathroom Leakage Fixers. They offer affordable rates and professional service to ensure your satisfaction.

    We offer Bathroom leakage repair services in Lahore since 2005. Max Chemicals Company offers bathroom leakage repair services in Lahore that stop seepage and prevent future leaks. Treatment of underground pipes in the bathroom or kitchen is often a difficult and expensive process. Max Chemicals Lahore has developed a new chemical that not only stops seepage and prevents future leaks, but also saves time and money. With this treatment, the bathroom will be sealed and safe for years to come.

    Bathroom Leakage Repair Services

    Max Chemicals Bathroom leakage Repair Services

    Max Chemicals Company is the pioneer in providing Bathroom leakage repair services in Lahore as well as prevention of seepage and leaks.

    • Our process is easy, fast, and effective. The cost of our procedure is minimal and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. We do seal bathroom leakages and seepage without removing any tiles or any part of the bathroom. We inject chemicals in underground pipes of sewerage and seal all possible water entries. We do not break any pipes or open any tiles on the floor. It saves a lot of money.
    • For the best possible results, contact our team today!

    • Prevent future leaks
    • Stop seepage
    • Chemical treatment for pipes
    • Max Chemicals offers the perfect solution to your problem

    Bathroom leakage repair services in Lahore provide the best quality of service at a very economical rate.

    Contact Us: 03004713597

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    Call Us For Bathroom Leakage Repair Services in Lahore : 03004713597

    Bathroom Leakage Repair Services

    It’s very important to get the bathroom leakage repairs done on time, to avoid serious damage to the property. Call 24/7 Emergency Plumbing for the best quality of service at a very economical rate in Lahore.

    24/7 Emergency Plumbing offers the best solution for any type of water leakages that may occur in your home or business. Whether is it a small or large problem, we have the expertise and equipment to handle any job.

    Get your bathroom leakage problems handled by 24/7 Emergency waterproofing now!

    Bathroom leakage repair services in LahoreMax Chemicals is a pioneer in the water leak repair industry in Lahore, providing customers with quality services. We use the latest technology and latest equipment to ensure that our customers get the best services possible.Quality you can trust

    Bathroom Leakage Repair Services

    We have been providing quality services since 2004 and have amassed experience over the years working with some of the most prestigious institutions and companies in Lahore.

    We repair leaks of all sizes

    Max Chemicals offers a range of services including repairing small leaks to large leaks. With experience in handling all types of water leak problems, we offer a complete solution for any issue that you may face.

    Bathroom Leakage Repair Services in Lahore, Punjab,Pakistan

    We fix leaks fast

    We operate 24/7 and offer our customers a guarantee of on-time service delivery – so you can be doubly assured that your leak will be fixed by professionals as soon as possible!

    Professionalism is guaranteed!

    We are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your property will be taken care of by professionals.

    Bathroom leakage causes:

    • Concealed Leakage
    • Clogs
    • Water pressure
    • Flushing
    • Rusted Pipes

    Concealed Leakage

    Bathroom leakage Concealed Leakage

    Due to the continuous flow of the water, there may be a chance of slight leakage in pipes installed inside bathroom walls, because over time they may get decrepit. It causes the accumulation of water inside walls creating voids and damaging the building structure with time it also starts appearing on walls’ surface and eventually cause bathroom leakage problem.


    Bathroom Clogs

    Hair, dirt, small waste object and mineral buildup cause the formation of clogs in bathroom pipes. Over time, they form a blockage in pipes, creating resistance to flowing water. If they have not been removed or treated for a long period, they will put extra stress on pipes, causing them to burst or crack.

    Water pressure:

    It is also a major cause of washroom water leakage. Not all pipes are built to withstand high water pressure. Too much water pressure for a long period makes the water pipes fragile, and vulnerable, and it results in water leakage. Recommended water pressure for home pipes is 50-60Psi, anything above 80psi will damage your bathroom water pipes over the long run.


    Water is stored in the large flush tank, when we press the button, it will generate extra pressure on the pipes because all of the water has to pass through the small opening and it will cause the formation of cracks in pipes and breakage if they are already exhausted. This problem is usually common in the apartment having a bathroom in a vertical line. As pipes are commonly concealed so they will show up gradually, at the start there will be water seepage and over time it will convert into bathroom water leakage if not fixed on time.

    Rusted Pipes:

    Rusting causes leakage and breakage of water pipes. It is a significant element of bathroom leakage problems. There are many causes of rusting, such as;

        1. Low PH:

        1. Oxygen level:

        1. Water turbulence

      Low PH:

      If the pH of your water falls below 8, the layer inside your copper pipes will disappear, exposing your pipes. As a result, corrosion takes place, and it gives rise to bathroom leakage problems.

      Oxygen level:

      A high level of oxygen in water can cause internal degradation of metal through the process of internal oxidation. Normal water has a dissolved oxygen concentration of 6.5-8 mg/L and is between 80-120%. So, a level of oxygen beyond the normal level will cause corrosion and rusting of water pipes which will create the problem of bathroom leakage.

      Water turbulence

      Sharp turns, joints, and blockage in water pipes create water turbulence, as a result, water velocity rises. This leads to corrosion and leakage of water pipes.

      How to identify bathroom leakage?

      How to identify bathroom leakage?

      • Check your water meter
      • Monitor your bills
      • Add food color:

      Check your water meter:

      Checking your water meter is one of the easiest ways to see if you leak in your plumbing. First turn off the all water taps in your house. Make sure all faucets are turned off and the dishwasher and washing machine aren’t going. Next, keep an eye on the meter to see if it starts to adjust. If it does, you’re probably dealing with a water leak. Pause for two hours and check the meter again if it doesn’t move right away. If it has altered after turning off all the water, you can have a slower leak. After the meter, the leak could be anywhere, even underneath.

      Monitor your bills:

      If your water bills are rising from the month and your water usage is the same, then a hidden water leakage is the cause of increased billing.

      Add food color:

      Add a small amount of food coloring to your plastic bin and watch for 10 minutes to see if there are any leaks. If the color appears in your bowl, you have a leak that allows water to pass from the tank to the drain without being flushed.

      What is the solution to bathroom leakage?

      Bathroom Leakage repair with Cementitious waterproofing

      Bathroom Leakage repair with Cementitious waterproofing

      Cement is used in this process to create a sturdy water-resistant layer. To make a stronger, more stable foundation, the cement is blended with an acrylic additive, then added in a thick layer, and allowed to dry and stiffen.

      Bathroom Leakage Repair with Elastomeric Coating

      Bathroom Waterproofing with Elastomeric Coating

      A unique rubbery liquid is used in elastomeric waterproofing. It transforms into a small rubber waterproof surface after a couple of coats. This sheet can be expanded. When used as outdoor waterproofing, this is vital because it can elongate up to 280 percent in direct sunlight. The liquid may be applied by rolling, troweling, or spraying.

      Bathroom Leakage Repair with Bituminous waterproofing Layer

      Bituminous coating

      This black substance is normally added to the surface. It is not ideal for sunlight exposure because it contains bitumen-based compounds, which become brittle when exposed to heat.

      Bathroom Leakage Repair with Bituminous waterproofing membrane

      Bathroom Waterproofing with Bituminous waterproofing membrane

      This type of waterproofing is applied to a surface in the form of a layer that is stretched out. Because of its effectiveness, it is best suited for low-sloped surfaces. There are two forms of membrane waterproofing: torch-on and self-adhesive. Self-adhesive membranes adhere to the surface when torch-on membranes are added with a blow torch and burned as they are rolled out. Self-adhesive models, on the other hand, have shorter life because they wear out over time.

      Polyurethane liquid membrane

      It’s the most basic form of liquid waterproofing, and since it can withstand exposure to the elements, it’s classified as both an exposed and covered system. It’s also very adaptable, which means it can stretch without breaking. Polyurethane is moisture sensitive. Before installation, the surface must be accurately leveled to ensure its durability.

      Bathroom Leakage Repair Service Method for New Bathrooms

      Clean the surface

      The first and basic step is to clean the bathroom surface thoroughly. It is important the dry the wet surface because the waterproofing material may not work best on the wet surface or it will cause the leakage of water again in near future. The other washroom material should also move outside the bathroom while the installation process to avoid any hurdles.

      Gaps filling

      It is important to fill the tiny little holes on surfaces with waterproofing chemicals. If we don’t do it properly, then waterproofing chemicals will not completely adhere to the surface and become flimsy. Since this phase includes the use of chemicals, so it’s essential to take preventive measures, i.e. to wear gloves, a mask, and plastic boots. This procedure is similar to filling gaps of painting walls, however, in the waterproofing process, we don’t use plaster rather we apply a waterproofing sealant solution because it is more pertinent.

      Bathroom Leakage Repair Products

      This is the main step of this procedure. As indicated from the title in this part we will the waterproofing products such as Cementitious waterproofing, Elastomeric waterproofing coating, Bituminous waterproofing coating, etc.

      The idea is to add a single coat of the material across the surface, and also a 1-meter radius around the walls starting from the foundation, so that water coming down from the walls does not damage the floor.

      Waterproofing Membrane

      Different quality types of waterproofing membranes are available in markets. We use a Bituminous waterproofing membrane and a Polyurethane liquid membrane for bathroom waterproofing. These membranes are sandwiched between two layers of coating material.

      The membranes are perfect water resistors and their job is to enhance the strength of the material. The membrane is placed in a parallel manner, which assists in the proper management of the membrane and minimizes wastage to the greatest extent possible. This procedure can involve the use of adhesive or a sealing agent to bind the membrane to the bathroom ground’s foundation.

      Covering the entire floor

      Once the membrane is in place, the waterproofing support material is used to fill all across the membrane, ensuring that the waterproofing chemical is spread evenly throughout the bathroom. Following the completion of this procedure, the whole bathroom floor will be converted to chemical waterproof flooring.

      Final Coating

      The final coat of chemicals is applied to the membrane with the help of a paintbrush or roller to make the membrane more durable and consistent. The membrane is now in between two layers of waterproofing chemicals to make it an ideal water resistor.

      Disadvantages of Bathroom Leakage

      A small leakage problem can quickly escalate into a major issue, failure. People don’t often see the leakage issue, or they don’t want to see the leakage problem. Few people realize how a minor leakage problem can quickly escalate into a major issue with numerous consequences. When a pipe bursts, it causes plenty of problems, both inside and out. Mostly, pipes get damaged and rusted, causing damage to the floor. If the floor is made up of tiles, this can also cause damage to the tiles.

      Building Destruction

      The water leakage from the pipes buried inside the walls may prove fatal for building integrity. Water will diffuse slowly toward the outside and also kills the building aesthetics by damaging the paints, creating holes and streaks marks on the wall. It is important to solve this problem when it’s showing initial signs of seepage because if left untreated for a long time it can enfeeble the internal structure of the building, especially supporting beams. It could be the cause of the unfortunate event of a building collision, and you would suffer financial and health loss.

      Water Wastage

      Water wastage is the most significant downside of washroom leakage; we should all understand the value of water, how vital it is to our survival, and how we should save it by not wasting it. Since water is one of the most important substances on the planet, we should value it and conserve it.

      Mold and Fungal Growth

      Mold and spore defiantly not only hazardous for building structures but also dangerous and threatening to human health. They are very abundant in nature and present almost everywhere, It is very difficult to circumvent them even in the newly constructed house. They remain dormant in a hot environment for a long time without causing any problems.

      But when they come in contact with water, they can cause problems because it triggers their production and spore reproduction rapidly, and it also escalates the growth of unhealthy and harmful molds, and they begin to pollute the air.

      Some people are allergic to mold exposure and they can develop symptoms like nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, coughing, and sneezing fits. Slowly they might have other diseases and the situation would become worse if you already have any of these diseases, they will worsen the symptoms.

      Lowers Property Value

      Water leakage lowers your home’s worth. This is because, even though you think you’ve solved the issue, residual effects can still exist. If you plan to sell your home in the future, this could hurt your negotiating power and lower the final sale price. Water leaks should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid more damage and to preserve the integrity of your house.

      Upper Floor Bathroom Leakage Repair

      The problem of bathroom water leakage is very common, and it’s a headache for every household. Besides water wastage, it is also fragile to the building structure and furniture. There could be no reason of washroom leakage such as clogs, high water pressure, faulty or poor manufacturing material, leaking pipes, water heater, etc.

      Although fixing it many times on your own it pops up intermittently. This minor problem could lead to major complications in the long run if not properly addressed on time.

      Our company, Max Chemicals, has enormous experience and excelled in bathroom leakage repair treatment.

      Bathroom Leakage Repair in Lahore:

      We provide the services of bathroom leakage repair, bathroom leakage repair chemicals, and washroom seepage repair in Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities of Pakistan at a very affordable cost. we have the best and most durable bathroom leakage repair system to keep our customers safe from mold, which is caused by water trapped in walls. …………. The company’s solution would provide reliable treatment against mold and water intrusion. Bathroom leakage treatment will prevent fungus and moisture from infiltrating your bathroom. Our company’s experts offer the best bathroom leakage treatment services by using modern chemicals on your bathroom floors. Insulating the joint of bathroom sewerage lines with our chemical not only fills but also protects them.

      Waterproofing in Lahore

      Max Chemical is a Lahore based waterproofing company. We provide all solutions for building water leakage seepage issues.

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