Thermophore insulation is made of pre-expanded polystyrene pieces that are durable and sturdy. These particles are shaped into a block, from which sheets of varying densities, lengths, and sizes are separated. Thermpore insulation sheets have excellent thermal insulation performance due to their super tight cell configuration. Thermopore is one of the most widely used heat proofing methods in Lahore due to its properties such as low weight, hardness, ease of operation, and low price.

Thermo pore sheets have several characteristics that make them a common heat proofing insulation material. When it comes to thermal conduction, it is incredibly poor, blocks the heat to reach the building in the summer, and in winter allows no heat to leave the house. It is widely used in the heat insulation of buildings. Thermopore sheet is a relatively light material that could be used for proper building, wall, and roof insulation. It’s mostly used to block solar radiation. It is non-CFC, free of any harmful toxic substances, and non-biodegradable. Because of its excellent properties, it is considered one of the best and most liked roof insulation materials.


It’s widely used for joint expansion because it doesn’t get infected with fungi or bacteria. Most people use Thermopore sheets for newly constructed house insulation because they are both heat and water-resistant. And also it is the easiest form of roof insulation to apply because cutting and drilling of these sheets needs require almost no time. Thermopore sheets are commonly used to shield server rooms. When Thermopore sheets are condensed, they stay compressed because they can withstand pressure, and this consistency makes Thermopore sheets the best heatproofing insulation.


  • Incredibly lightweight but extremely strong
  • Poor heat conductivity

  • Very easy to cut, drill, and shape

  • Non-biodegradable

  • Free of any kind of toxins.

  • Temperature and water-resistant

  • Highly compressed

  • Withstand any kind of stress

  • Cannot do compose of bacteria and fungi