Bituminous coating is a protective layer of asphalt over the top of the concrete. It helps to protect the concrete from wear and tear, but it also provides an attractive surface for walkways and driveways. Bituminous coatings can be applied in several different ways depending on your needs:

We offer an extensive range of roof waterproofing services with hot liquid Bitumen Coating and Polyester sheets. The process of roof waterproofing is completed with hot liquid bitumen coating, which helps in creating a waterproof barrier between the roof and the ground. This action prevents water from penetrating into the building or its foundation. Rainfall, snow or any other type of precipitation placed on the roofing will remain dry under a good quality roofing system.

This black substance is normally added to the surface. it is an ideal waterproofing method in which hot bitumen is applied on roofs with brushes

Treatment Procedures Information

  1. Clean the surface with a bristles broom.
  2. Supply and application water base Bitumen primer on all surfaces.
  3. Supply and application of 1st coat of hot Bitumen
  4. Seals the joints where necessary.
  5. Application of polyester sheet
  6. Application of 2nd coat of hot bitumen fluid.


· Polyester Sheet Geo TEXTILE Sheet

· Hot Bitumen Grade 10/20 80%

· Hot bitumen Grade 80/100 20 %