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Roof Leakage Treatment

Max Chemicals is a leading provider of bitumen membrane sheets for roof waterproofing. We have a wide range of services to offer, from repairs to new constructions. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your roof is properly waterproofed and protected from the elements.

Max Chemicals is the leading supplier of waterproofing bitumen membranes, modified bituminous membrane roofing, app modified bituminous membranes and bituminousfoundation waterproofing materials in Lahore. We offer the best selection of sbs modified bituminous roofing, app modified bituminous membrane roofing, self adhesive bituminous waterproofing membranes, waterproofing with bitumen, sika bitumen membranes and bitumen membrane sheet for roof waterproofing.

bituminous membrane sheet

    Bitumen Membrane Sheet

    We are proud to provide superior quality bitumen membrane sheets to meet all of your construction needs. Our bitumen membrane sheets are precisely designed to ensure a tight seal and keep moisture out of your building structure. From small residential projects to large industrial construction sites, our bitumen membrane sheets will ensure your job is done right the first time. Our quality control team inspects each product to provide quality assurance. Our experienced team of engineers is always available to assist you in the selection and installation of our bitumen membrane sheets. We want to make sure you get the perfect bitumen membrane sheet for your project. Our competitive pricing and customer satisfaction guarantee make us an easy choice for your construction needs. Thank you for choosing Max Chemicals Lahore!

    Our bitumen roll for waterproofing and torch applied waterproofing membrane are perfect for roof waterproofing, while our liquid bitumen for flat roofs and bitumen liquid membrane is ideal for bituminous foundation waterproofing. We also offer bitumen roof flashing tape, bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing, polymer-modified bitumen membranes, bituminous roofing, SBS bitumen membranes, bitumen rubber waterproofing, and bituminous waterproofing membranes.

    Bitumen Membrane

    Max Chemicals Lahore offers a range of high-quality bitumen membranes to keep your building safe and secure. Our bitumen membranes are designed to provide superior protection against water and air leaks, helping to increase your building’s energy efficiency and overall performance. Our bitumen membranes are tough and durable, making them perfect for any construction project, big or small. We offer easy installation and easy maintenance to ensure that your bitumen membrane continues to provide leading protection for many years to come. So, why not get the highest quality protection with Max Chemicals Lahore’s bitumen membranes today? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

    bituminous membrane sheet

    Bitumen Sheet

    Bitumen or asphalt is dark, thick liquid, and widely used in construction because of its exceptional waterproofing properties. With other new waterproofing technologies, we also use the bitumen sheet for roof leakage repair. It’s the most durable, economical, and efficient waterproofing method.To get benefited from our special low price quality bitumen membranes, contact us anytime.

    Our Roof bitumen membrane, single ply non bituminous membrane and bitumen membrane price, as well as our sbs modified bituminous membrane, torch applied waterproofing, torch applied modified bitumen roofing, waterproofing tar sheet and best bitumen for waterproofing are widely used for roof waterproofing.
    This is why roofers and homeowners in Lahore always choose Max Chemicals for bitumen flashing, bitumen for roof waterproofing, black bitumen roof sheets, sbs modified bituminous membrane roofing, polymer modified bitumen membrane, sika bitumen waterproofing, rubberized bitumen waterproofing, bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing and bitumen waterproofing membrane suppliers.
    We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality materials and excellent customer service at competitive prices. If you are looking for waterproofing bitumen membrane products and services, contact us today and get the best bitumen membrane sheet, roof waterproofing membrane sheet, app polymer modified bitumen and waterproofing bitumen sika waterproofing chemical price sheet in Lahore.

    Bitumen membrane is a type of waterproofing material that is often used on roofs. It is made from a mixture of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics, and is available in rolls that can be applied to a roof. Bitumen membrane is effective at keeping water out, and can also provide some insulation.

    bituminous membrane sheet

    Bitumen Sheets Roof Waterproofing Price in Pakistan

    bituminous membrane sheet

    Are you looking for the perfect bitumen sheets roof waterproofing solution to suit your needs and budget in Pakistan? Look no further than Max Chemicals, Lahore! We provide top of the line bitumen sheets roof waterproofing solutions at highly competitive prices. All our solutions are built to last, so you can rest assured that you are getting a long-term waterproofing solution that won’t let you down. Plus, you can count on us for excellent customer service, high-quality materials and proven installation methods. With years of expertise in the field and our commitment to delivering the best price in Pakistan, you can trust us for the best waterproofing solution for your roof. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get your bitumen sheets roof waterproofing solution now!

    If you need bitumen sheet waterproofing or low-priced roof leakage repair service in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, or other cities of Pakistan, we are available 24/7 to serve you with the best.

    Waterproof Bitumen

    bituminous membrane sheet

    Bitumen membrane sheet is one of the most efficient ways of waterproofing. It’s used all over the world for this purpose. Bitumen is also known as asphalt, and it is a highly thick and viscous substance. It has extraordinary qualities of waterproofing. It’s widely used to make waterproof roofs, walls, and basements. Grounds and below-ground structures. Bitumen constitutes different elements and complex hydrocarbons. It’s available in organic natural form but can be produced artificially by distillation of crude oil. We deal and supply low price bitumen membrane sheets in Lahore Islamabad and all over Pakistan.

    Benefits of Bitumen membrane sheet

    • Bitumen is excellent water-resistant paint because of its prominent hydrophobic properties.
    • Bituminous paints are applicable on steel, iron, aluminum, and plastic. They provide great resistance against corrosion.
    • Bitumen has a very high melting point. It cannot be melted easily so during summer, its functionality and adhesiveness will not be compromised when exposes to UV light for a larger period.
    • It has thermoplastic and viscoelastic properties.
    • At low temperature, it has elastic solid properties but at high temperature, it acts as viscous material.
    • Bitumen roofs have high tensile strength. They can withstand heavy storms, hail, and rain. Their inbuilt material is also resistive against fire.
    • Bitumen membranes hold out against mold spores formation, as they protect the roof and building from moisture and dampness.
    • Bitumen is an economic and quality product.
    • Bitumen membrane sheets use is not limited to flat and residential roofs. They are compatible with all types of roofs. We can use them on residential and public roofs as a waterproofing membrane.
    • It’s a lifelong solution to waterproofing. Even after a year, they have not relinquished their ability of pliability and elasticity, and still offer good waterproofing support.
    • Bitumen sheets are very easy to apply. The process involves a few simple steps.
    • Bitumen membrane sheets are versatile and durable. They can stick or adhesive to a wide range of materials for a very long time. They make a strong bond with attaching material and are completely glued to it.
    • It’s another hydrophobic attribute is its non-water solubility. Bitumen cannot be mixed or dissolved in water. Bitumen could is exposed to water for a long time without affecting its durability and water-repelling properties.
    • These waterproofing characteristics distinguish bitumen from other waterproofing paints and make it an ideal and obvious choice for everyone.
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