Bitumen membrane Sheet

Bitumen membrane Sheet

Bitumen membrane Sheet Waterproofing in Pakistan:

Bitumen membrane sheet is one the most efficient way of waterproofing. It’s used all over the world for this purpose. Bitumen is also known as asphalt and it is a highly thick and viscous substance. It has extraordinary qualities of waterproofing. It’s widely used to make waterproof roofs, walls, and basements. Grounds and below-ground structures.

Bitumen membrane Sheet constitutes different elements and complex hydrocarbons. It’s available in organic natural form but can be produced artificially by distillation of crude oil. We deal and supply low price bitumen membrane sheets in Lahore Islamabad and all over Pakistan.

If you need bitumen membrane sheet waterproofing or low-priced roof leakage repair service in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, or other cities of Pakistan, we are available 24/7 to serve you with the best.

Bitumen or asphalt is dark, thick liquid, and widely used in construction because of its exceptional waterproofing properties. With other new waterproofing technologies, we also use the Bitumen membrane Sheet for roof leakage repair. It’s the most durable, economical, and efficient waterproofing method.

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Bitumen membrane sheet at low price in Pakistan:

Bitumen membrane sheet at low price in Pakistan:

Our company Max Chemicals Lahore, has years of experience and expertise in bituminous membrane sheet waterproofing. We deal with the finest quality bitumen membrane sheets at a low price in Pakistan. Bitumen waterproofing is used to protect the residential and commercial buildings in Lahore, Islamabad, and all other cities of Pakistan.

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Benefits of Bitumen membrane sheet as a waterproofing Layer

Bitumen membrane sheet is excellent water-resistant because of its prominent hydrophobic properties. Bitumen membrane sheets are applicable on steel, iron, aluminum, and plastic. They provide great resistance against corrosion. 

Bitumen membrane sheet have natural UV resistance properties. Their durability and functionality increase to a great extent when they mix with other polymers. Because of their great versatility and durability, they are applicable in both indoor and outdoor harsh environments.

Bitumen membrane sheet functionality

Bitumen membrane sheet has a very high melting point. It cannot be melted easily so during summer, its functionality and adhesiveness will not be compromised when exposes to UV light for a larger period.

It has thermoplastic and viscoelastic properties. At low temperature, it has elastic solid properties but at high temperature, it acts as viscous material.

 Bitumen membrane sheet roofs have high tensile strength. They can withstand heavy storms, hail, and rain. Their inbuilt material is also resistive against fire.

Bitumen membrane sheet hold out against mold spores formation, as they protect the roof and building from moisture and dampness.

      Bitumen membrane sheet is an economic and quality product. We deal with bitumen and waterproofing products and applications. You can get the Bitumen membrane sheet at a very low price In Pakistan from us.

      Bitumen membrane sheets use is not limited to flat and residential roofs. They are compatible with all types of roofs. We can use them on residential and public roofs as a waterproofing membrane.

      It’s a lifelong solution to waterproofing. Even after a year, they have not relinquished their ability of pliability and elasticity, and still offer good waterproofing support. 

      Bitumen membrane sheet are very easy to apply. The process involves few simple steps.

      To enhance the water-resisting properties of bitumen it is usually mixed with other solvents like mineral spirit and polymers. They thoroughly blend with bitumen and increase their hydrophobic properties. It’s a more specialized and advanced type of waterproofing and is used on roofs and exposed to environmental areas.

      Bitumen membrane sheets are versatile and durable. They can stick or adhesive to a wide range of materials for a very long time. They make a strong bond with attaching material and are completely glued with it.

      It’s another hydrophobic attribute is its non-water solubility. Bitumen cannot be mixed or dissolved in water. Bitumen could is exposed to water for a long time without affecting its durability and water-repelling properties.

      These waterproofing characteristics distinguish bitumen from other waterproofing paints and make it an ideal and obvious choice for everyone.

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