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We are one of the leading water leakage solutions providers serving all major cities in India. We offer high-quality roof leak detection, roof leak correction and roof leak repair services at affordable cost. The roof is the most important part that covers your house; it protects you from outside dangers. A leak under the roof will cause water damage, which can cause serious health problems to yourself and your housemates if it is not taken care of in time. There are various solutions to the water leakage problems you should consider for your home as well as for commercial properties.

Our roofing services for domestic homes will ensure that your roof and walls are protected from water leaks. We’ll check your entire roof for any signs of damage so that we can solve the problem quickly and effectively.

  1. Section: Water Leakages Solution Services
  2. Section: Waterproofing & Roof Insulation Services
  3. Section: Distemper Services
  4. Section: Heat Reflective Coating Services
  5. Section: Epoxy Flooring Services
  6. Section: Roof Insulation Services
  7. Section: Crack Filling Services
  8. Expansion joints sealing treatment
  9. Section: Anti Corrosive Coatings
  10. Section: Texture & Painting Services

Takeaway: Max Chemicals provides you best solutions for every kind of water leakage.

To be the leading provider of roof waterproofing and heat proofing services in Lahore, Pakistan. We will achieve this by always putting our customers first, providing quality services at competitive prices, and continually strive to improve our offerings.

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